About Domenico.


do.meni.co Tumblr Thumb

do.meni.co Tumblr

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do.meni.co Hyperlinks

This website database chronologises my bookmarks using a simplified novel linking system that directs the user to the bookmark or similar bookmarks. In it's second version, this research exercise critiques current ways of displaying and navigating data.

Printing the Archive Website Thumb

Printing the Archive Website

Website archive design and development for students of screenprinting at Monash Art, Design & Architecture.

Arup Internship Thumb

Arup Internship

Through the Monash University Industry Team Initiative I worked with software developers and engineers at Arup, a consulting engineering firm, to develop a suite of data visualisation applications over a three month internship.

Print Digital Exegesis Thumb

Print Digital Exegesis

The culmination of my Honours year research in Visual Communication. Digital version available for download.

Printer Linker Thumb

Printer Linker

Self-initiated design and development of an online directory to assist designers and design students to find useful service providers in Melbourne, Australia.

Print Digital Research Paper Thumb

Print Digital Research Paper

My Honours year research paper, as presented in my end of year exegesis. Documenting the background behind Printer Linker v3.

Negative Press Website Thumb

Negative Press Website

Design and development of website and online store for independent publisher of contemporary art in print, based in Melbourne, Australia.

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Research assistance with the Caulfield School of Information Technology on planning and improving the design of a data visualisation application for examining and identifying trends in datasets.

Winter at MADA Thumb

Winter at MADA

During winter 2014 I was part of a student design team to create the visual identity, collateral and wayfinding system for Monash Art, Design & Architecture (MADA) Open Day 2014 and MADA Now (graduate show) 2014.

Printer Linker Poster (2014) Thumb

Printer Linker Poster (2014)

Screenprint on Strathmore Premium Super Smooth 176gsm
50.8 × 66 cm

Screenprinted poster for Printer Linker. Involved an elaborate overprinting technique to produce all seven Printer Linker icon colours.

Trent Walter Website Thumb

Trent Walter Website

Website design and development for publisher and artist in print, Trent Walter.

The Searchers Website Thumb

The Searchers Website

Development of The Searchers record shop website and online store. Designed by Hayden Daniel.

do.meni.co v1 Thumb

do.meni.co v1

The previous version of this site. Mostly an archive of my Visual Communication graduate folio from 2013.