PhD Confirmation

My PhD confirmation presentation discussing the current state and planned future of my thesis titled 'Adaptive Interfaces to Support Memory of Interactions'. Presented 21 April 2016, at Monash University's Faculty of Information Technology.

21 April 2016

The success of interactions with visuals are guided by the quality with which memories are activated. These memories are activated through externalisations made of the visual structures, texts, symbols, labels, and histories we can read, including the histories from the marks we can make. On-screen interfaces are easily navigable due to the structures which make different kinds of functionality, memorable aspects we can associate with activities. This is also achieved through the emphasis of historiesβ€” by drawing our attention to our present activities and past activity through feedback, visual transitions and cues we leave through organisation of content and the content we create. A good sense and effort placed in visual design mandates clear hierarchy, balance and appropriate cues and feedback. However, what’s missing in the field is an account of the various ways in which to externalise on-screen memories, beyond a tacitly understood and visceral need to satisfy our short-term memory. The thesis presented is concerned with constructing a framework which provides a comprehensive picture of the forms of memory externalisation for on-screen visuals, to critique and see how we can build upon this in practice through novel adaptive interfaces.