PhD Mid-Candidature Review

My PhD mid-candidature review talk covering the progress and and future of my research as of June 26th 2017.

26 June 2017
Screen-based human-computer interaction (HCI) has evolved to incorporate itself into our day-to-day world. However, interaction design afforded by screens remains disjointed from the ways we interact and conduct ourselves in the physical world. Ease-of-use in HCI requires consistent or familiar arrangements, and appropriate feedback. Inspired by the qualities of interactions afforded to us outside of computers. The research presented suggests how we might better fill the gap between HCI and acting in the world through interface design. The key area of investigation is memorability of interactions in HCI. The main premise of the research is to propose and evaluate the ways in which interactions can be made more memorable so subsequent interactions require minimal reacquisition of knowledge. Embodied interaction theory forms the main rationale for the investigation of a whole-body based interface approach based on memorable interaction. The theory suggests how we should remove the gap between acting in the screen and acting in the world, by putting computer interaction in the world. And whole-body interface research awaits propositional designs for the kind of interface that could replace our current screen based experiences. Action research will be used to evaluate speculative design prototypes through a 'Wizard of Oz' style study where participants can experience new whole-body computer interactions through human simulated computation.