PhD Pre-submission Review

My PhD pre-submission review presentation covering the outcome of the research towards final submission and exhibition.

11 September 2018
The Computational Costume research project speculates on how we might design and use augmented reality in a probable future. In this probable future we have a complete augmented reality where virtual objects can be worn and shared on humans and placed on the physical environment. These virtual objects are a computing substrate supported by imagined technology, not computing designed for and bound to today’s devices (e.g. smartwatch or tablet) and information spaces (e.g. the desktop or World Wide Web). This thinking is in line with the Material Turn seen in human-computer interaction (HCI). A key point of departure from exisiting research outcomes of the Material Turn is a focus on esemplastic computing—computing that is unified, as opposed to stratified prototypes and demonstrations. To achieve this esemplastic design, the work has been constructed from the perspective of whole body interaction and imagined through a speculative design process. The interaction perspective allows for designs that use more of humans’ sensorimotor capabilities and social and physical environment that are useful for day-to-day computing. The interaction perspective is enabled by the design process which puts aside technological constraints that would otherwise dictate the kinds of interactions allowed. The research supports three contributions; a theoretical basis for whole body interaction computing, an imagined whole body interaction design platform and methods for prototyping this imagined platform.