This artwork is an animated dream set in the not too distant future where the physical and digital have come together into a new esemplastic world. People engage actively with augmented reality technology by using their whole bodies and their surrounding world as a new expressive surface. Users of screen readers can use the tab key to cycle through descriptions for each animation presented in this artwork.

A pair of beach surf lifesavers are standing on the shore looking out to sea. Through augmented reality technology one of the lifesavers can see the vision from the other lifesaver's binoculars focused on a person in the water.
A woman with blue hair, green top and purple dress sits on the sand with a bongo drum that she is playing to a circle of musicians and dancers. As the woman hits the bongo drum blue and purple augmented reality circles radiate out of the drum with the sounds produced and fade into the air.
A woman with long light brown hair and man with bushy brown hair play on an oversized floating virtual piano in augmented reality.
A man with long brown dreadlocks looks to the sky with arms raised and draws a large pink virtual spiral in augmented reality with his arms and hands. Once the spiral is drawn the man gestures to pull the spiral down into a tight spring and then releases the spiral into the sky.
A woman with neck length brown hair is wearing a virtual costume to imitate a cockatoo. She has a virtual yellow crest headpiece and white wings underneath her arms. The woman gracefully raises and drops her head and arms to the music that plays around her.
A man with short blonde hair plays two red maracas. An orange silhouette of himself moving and playing the maracas in real time extends from his back towards the sky. The silhouette projects a figure double his size to the crowd of musicians and dancers in front of him.
A woman with mint green hair tied into a bun and wearing a pastel blue and purple bikini spins a green hula hoop in the circle of musicians and dancers. Unlike the others at the beach she is not using augmented reality technology.
A boy in a white top and blue jeans holds out a virtual map and drone in augmented reality to navigate a real drone in the sky above the musicians and dancers on the beach. The virtual drone is connected by a virtual tether to the real drone so people can see the connection from operator to drone. Underneath the drone in the sky is a flying virtual version of the boy wearing white flapping wings and a white body suit to entertain the people below.
A mother with a dark wide-brimmed hat sits on a beach chair looking towards the musicians and dancers. Her two mischievous children sitting behind her on a towel on the sand pull a virtual prank on their mother in augmented reality. Her child with short brown hair grabs a virtual copy of their mother's hat and draws two red devil's horns on it which appear on the mother's hat as well. Both children laugh which draws the mother's attention. The mother realises what's happened and snatches the virtual copy of her hat by pulling the virtual tether connected to her real hat from the virtual hat. This causes the virtual hat to come unstuck from the children's hands and makes the drawn horns disappear.
Two virtual augmented reality dogs play with a virtual blue ball. A fiery orange dog grabs the ball with its mouth which is immediately snatched by a purple spotted dog that drops the ball back onto the sand.
A boy with spiky brown hair summons a virtual golf putter in augmented reality to hit a virtual ball into a small virtual castle with a slanted wall in front of it. As the boy takes aim a dotted red line is projected on the sandy ground showing how the ball will bounce from the wall into the castle entrance. The boy takes the shot, the ball follows a solid red line as it moves to the intended target. The ball enters the castle making the boy happy he got the shot. A boy with short brown hair sits next to the virtual castle surrounded with virtual castle pieces watching both the spiky haired boy playing golf and the virtual dogs playing with a ball.
A woman in a one-piece swimsuit is reclined on a beach towel. She is flanked by a stack of three virtual books in augmented reality while she scrolls an enlarged page sitting just above her in the sky tilted so she can read it. She is holding a small version of the page and uses hand gestures on this page to scroll the text she is looking at above.
A mature stringybark eucalyptus tree sways gently to the sea breeze.
Two women with virtual auras in augmented reality come together to embrace one another under a eucalyptus tree. One woman has a blue virtual aura with a teardrop symbol floating above her head indicating her sadness. The woman opposing her has a red virtual aura with a larger love heart symbol floating above her head indicating her warmth. When the two women embrace their blue and red auras combine into a single purple aura symbolising their union.
A woman and man engage in a virtual sword fight in augmented reality. The woman dons a virtual ancient warrior style outfit complete with a broad blade sword and mighty shield. She fights a topless man with a virtual pointed purple hat and oversized wooden mallet. The woman blocks the swing of the mallet with her mighty shield allowing her to swing her sword at her momentarily defenceless opponent. The man receives large red virtual wounds to the chest which he laughs off as they disappear.
Two lovers sit intimately opposite one another on a grassy patch between eucalyptus trees. They are surrounded by virtual spheres of different shades of turquoise in augmented reality. The spheres move slowly up and down in the air around the lovers while they gaze across and chat.
A gardener holding a water hose waters a mature eucalyptus tree. The tree is pulsating with a blue aura indicating how well watered it is.
A mature eucalyptus tree with a pulsating blue aura is indicating how well watered it is. The aura contains an indicator with four water droplets. Three droplets are solid blue while the fourth is in a flashing solid state indicating this tree is almost fully watered.
A frustrated electrician with a yellow hard hat is working atop a scissor lift to repair a half working globe in a street light next to a shared cyclist and pedestrian path near the beach. The scissor lift is encroaching on the path, so the lift is wrapped with an augmented reality sign with a moving black and white arrow pattern to direct people away from the scissor lift.
A virtual copy of a cyclist riding down a path leads a real cyclist in a time trial ride. The virtual cyclist leaves a trailing red line behind itself in augmented reality and presents an information display visible to the real cyclist. The information display shows the distance to the finish line in kilometres and distance between the virtual and real cyclist in metres.
A cyclist wearing a red top on a turquoise bicycle follows a virtual copy of themselves in augmented reality for a time trial ride. The cyclist rides around a scissor lift with virtual signage encroaching on their path.
A woman with spiked mauve hair is doing pull ups using a metal bar held between two wooden posts. Alongside one of the wooden posts is a virtual counter in augmented reality of how many pull ups the woman has done, presented as a fraction out of 30 reps which has been preset.
A man with short dark hair is doing sit ups. There are augmented reality markers above the feet and waist to ensure the man's body is positioned correctly. Alongside the waist there is a virtual meter which acts as a guide while the man lifts and drops his torso for the sit ups. In the air immediately above the man is a sit up counter which has labelled 20 reps over 3 sets to complete as a preset. One fraction out of 20 and another fraction out of 3 sit above the label to track progress through the reps and sets of the exercise respectively.

You have reached the end of this artwork. Screen reader users can combine the shift and tab keys to travel to previous captions. This artwork was created by Domenico Mazza in Geelong, Australia, and released on May 1 2020.