2030 CCv3 AR

Speculative cardboard prototype

2030 CCv3 AR is an imagined design for augmented reality (AR) glasses in the near future. Reclaimed cardboard has been used as the material to prototype the imagined glasses design. The simplicity of the cardboard prototype allows wearers of all ages to enter another world.

2030 CCv3 AR complements the animated dream 2030 CCv3 IRL (https://do.meni.co/ccv3) which shows how AR could be used in the future.

2030 CCv3 AR is assembled from three parts which interlock to form glasses. The glasses feature four cameras and six LIDAR sensors to facilitate 360° visual sensing. The temple tips can be bent to allow for two rear facing cameras to complement the two facing the front. Two optional earbuds can be glued on as well.

 MG 0591
 MG 0597
 MG 0601
 MG 0659
 MG 0667