Computational Costume v0

Computational Costume v0 is a speculative design set in a perfect augmented reality. The work shows how the ability to superimpose visuals with augmented reality on the body would be advantageous for replacing the screen-based devices we depend on today, such as smartphones and desktop computers.

Each half of the mannequin shows a costume for work and personal life. These costumes intend to capture virtual information in a way that is easily accessible by being attached to wearer's physical actions and an easily visible virtual identity. The work proposes an alternative to burrying information within a screen.

The work was first shown at No Vacancy Gallery QV in Melbourne, Australia as part of the Melbourne FashionTech collective's showcase during White Night 2018.

17 February 2018
SensiLab at White Night
1 MG 4455
2 MG 4447
3 MG 4454
4 MG 4461
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6 IMG 5877
7 IMG 5883
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10 IMG 5881
11 IMG 5879