Computational Costume v1

Computational Costume v1 is a live 3 minute performance set in a speculative future with perfect augmented reality showing the use of virtual costumes for transit, the workplace and a medical emergency.

The work was presented as part of the FameLab 2018 semi-final for Victoria, Australia.

28 March 2018
FameLab 2018 Victoria, Australia, semi-final
1 CompCostume v1 Animation 600px compressed
2 IMG 09 1

Objects from the wearer's surrounding environment can communicate information and be communicated to others.

2 IMG 09 2

A map allows interaction with objects, places and people outside the wearer's immediate field of view.

2 IMG 34

Connections can be made to activities, landmarks, places, people or objects for reminders and communication.

2 IMG 51

One costume can display information that would otherwise be distributed across different computer hardware and software.

2 IMG 67

Costumes can describe a sequence of events across space and time in a way that is visually potent and situated in the surrounding environment.

2 IMG 76

Costumes can be communicated with from far away.