Computational Costume v0

Computational Costume v0 is a speculative design set in a perfect augmented reality. The work presents a future for computing where we interact with eachother using our bodies and the world around us.

Computational Costume v0 presents two costumes that are hypothetically superimposed on a human in a perfect augmented reality. It requires the viewer's imagination to bring it to life. The costumes intend to illustrate the interactive possibilities, rather than a specific use case.

Each costume presents a persona—a persona for work and a persona for personal life. These costumes intend to capture virtual information and attach them to activities. Rather than pigeonhole infomation into folders or applications on-screen like we do today. These activities are associated to physical places in time and retrieved through distinctive costumes.

The work costume presents the coordination and performance of a signaling activity where the costume allows humans to become signs, and a map allows multiple people to coordinate signals.

The personal costume covers the collection and presentation of personal artefacts, setting and achievement of goals and the ability for a treatment plan near the site of an injury to act as both a reminder and connection to an appointment with the responsible medical practioner.

Shown at No Vacancy Gallery QV in Melbourne, Australia as part of the Melbourne FashionTech collective's showcase during White Night 2018. The work was created as part of a PhD project which will be exhibited in May 2019.

February 2018
SensiLab at White Night
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2 MG 4447
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4 MG 4461
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