Computational Costume v1

Presented as part of the FameLab 2018 semi-final in Victoria, the Computational Costume is a speculative design for how we might use computers in a future where augmented reality covers the whole world around us. In a world populated with virtual objects, the Computational Costume proposes how we might manage these objects on our bodies and the world around us, by associating them to activities through costume and to the space they occupy through a map.

March 2018
FameLab 2018 semi-final
1 CompCostume v1 Animation 600px compressed
2 IMG 09 1

Objects from your surrounding environment can communicate information and be communicated to others.

2 IMG 09 2

A map allows interaction with objects, places and people outside your immediate field of view.

2 IMG 34

Connections can be made to activities, landmarks, places, people or objects for reminders and communication.

2 IMG 51

One costume can display information that would otherwise be distributed across different computer hardware and software.

2 IMG 67

Costumes can describe a sequence of events across space and time in a way that is visually potent and situated in your environment.

2 IMG 76

Costumes can be communicated with from far away.